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Karachi has no place for politics of hatred, says Murad Ali Shah

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Wednesday said that some elements are misquoting him and using words from his Tuesday speech in Sindh Assembly to gain political mileage, ARY News reported.

“Some people are again trying to ignite the fire of hatred and ethnic divide in Karachi but let me tell them that this is now history. You destructed this city and we have reconstructed it, you divided the people but we inculcated the spirit of fraternity among them, you destroyed the institutions and we are rebuilding them – that was your time and this is our time, and our time is of prosperity and unity,” said the CM while talking to media during his visit to the numerous heat stroke centers set up by district administration in Karachi.

The CM, however, apologised to anyone who was hurt by his comments but said that he is clear about the role of “those elements” who are “trying to sell narrative of division and hatred” in Sindh.

“I am sorry, my words have been taken wrongly but I am clear that those elements who were trying to divide Sindh  now stand divided themselves- Sindh is our mother land and nobody whether he is Sindhi speaking Sindhi or Urdu speaking Sindhi would allow division of his mother land,” Murad Ali Shah said without directly naming MQM.

Murad had deeply criticised MQM in his Tuesday speech in Sindh Assembly for “demanding to divide Sindh”.

Talking about his visit to the city, he said that he wanted to witness the heat stroke centers set up by district administration.

“I am satisfied that necessary facilities have been provided at the centers and also met with the people present there and listened to their grievances,” he said.

The chief minister also visited Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center (JPMC) and inspected  the wards set up for heat stroke patients.

Briefing the chief minister, the Executive Director JPMC Dr Seemi Jamali said that the ratio of heat stroke patients was not more than four per day.

Murad Ali Shah also met with other patients in different wards and inquired about their health and also met with the attendants of the patients and listened to their problems.



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