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Murad Ali Shah visits native town Sehwan

The chief minister was talking to media after his arrival in his constituency Sehwan this morning. He said the issue of the policing powers to Rangers has been resolved. He said the Rangers has helped the province to tackle the law and order problems. He clarified that the province not sends a summary to Islamabad for the Rangers powers but written a letter.

Earlier, the chief minister paid respects at the grave of his father Abdullah Shah- a former chief minister of Sindh.

Syed Murad Ali Shah in a reception outside his residence met the people who thronged in large number at the place. He said he will try his utmost to resolve the problems of Sindh.

Rangers policing powers

The police powers to Rangers have become a bone of contention between Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) ruled Sindh and federal government of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

Federal Ministry of Interior has rejected a summary sent by Sindh government over extending Rangers’ policing powers and stay in Sindh, sources said.

The legal experts of the interior ministry objected to the summaries regarding extending Rangers force stay in the province for a year and their policing powers for 90 days. The ministry says the province has limited the special powers to the paramilitary force to Karachi only and not for the the entire province.

The ministry experts also claimed that the summaries sent by the provincial government have been against Article 147 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

CM Sindh’s Adviser on Law, Murtaza Wahab, however, said that the summary is in accordance with the constitution and special policing powers of the paramilitary force are limited to Karachi only.

Talking to ARY News, PPP leader Aitzaz Ahsan also said that Rangers or any law enforcement agency which operates in a province, shall work under the powers extended to it by the provincial government.

“Center cannot interfere in provincial government’s matters after the 18th amendment,” he said.



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