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‘Dictators put dent in pluralistic society of Sindh’, says CM Sindh

KARACHI: Sindh has not produced any terrorist in its history because it is the land of Sufis where people from different religions and school of thought live together in tranquility, but due to defective and unrealistic policies of dictators, various serious problems have emerged in the society.

This was stated by Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah while addressing the delegation of probationary officers of Pakistan Administrative Services receiving training at Civil Services Academy.

“Sindh is the land of saints and Sufis and it is free from bigotry, hatred, and religious or sectarian discrimination but dictatorial rules in the country created problems in the society which PPP government has cleared to some extent and still there is a lot to do to purge the society,” he added.

The chief minister said that heroine, Kalashnikov, religious and sectarian divides and exodus of illegal immigrants were few of the dangerous legacies General Zia left behind him for his successors.

Similarly, Gen Musharraf left behind extremists and terrorists as his legacy which his successors are still working to cleanse. Moreover, he destroyed the governance system by introducing devolution programme.

CM Sindh said that these dictatorial rules badly affected a tolerant society in Sindh. “Extremists who penetrate from Balochistan border into Sindh have created problems in cities like Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Kandhkot, Kashmore and managed to reach up to Dadu district which resulted in the bomb blast at the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar,” he said.

He added the PPP government during its first and the current term have been fighting against the terrorists and gangs and has successfully eliminated them but still their remnants create issues some times.

The chief minister said that he was working on developing a plural society free from all kind of hatred and divide to return the legacy of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Shah Latif and Sachal and Sami back to Sindh.

He said that the government has waged a war against terrorists, extortionists, target killers in Karachi through intelligence-based targeted operations. “The objective of the targeted operation was to crush the outlaws without disturbing normal life and shedding blood of innocents,” he said.

He appreciated the law enforcement agencies for working professionally. “Today, Karachi which was left with poor trade activities, hotel industry was yawning, industrialist were flying their capital, small traders had come to their heels have again started flourishing.”

He said that investors are in queue to invest in energy, industry, agriculture, fisheries and in various other sectors and the government is going to launch some new special industrial zones. He said that his government has served people of Sindh and the PPP has deep roots among them.



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