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Murree, Abbottabad receive heavy snowfall as rains lash cities in Punjab and KP

According to details, Abbottabad and Murree received heavy snowfall, which caused the breath-taking beautiful valleys of the city to be covered in snow. Owing to the heavy snowfall, roads were blocked and the communication network was disrupted.

On the other hand, a couple of cities of Punjab including Islamabad received rainfall. According to the Meteorological Department, Islamabad received 31 milliliter of rain. The rainfall caused temperature to drop in various cities. Islamabad, Rawalpindi and surrounding areas received rain. The Met Department said Abbottabad had received 5 inches of snowfall while Thandiani had received 2 feet of snow. Neelum Valley was still receiving snowfall and the current rainfall would prove to be beneficial for wheat plantation, according to the Met Department.   

The Met Department forecasts rain and snowfall in upcoming days for the northern areas. According to the Meteorological Department, northern areas of Pakistan will receive rain and snowfall at regular intervals. 




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