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Musharraf has to go abroad some day: Khursheed Shah

Talking to media upon his arrival here, Khursheed Shah said if the PTI chairman is stopped from coming to Islamabad, then this could be an act against democratic traditions, while the Government should not be afraid of Imran Khan.

He welcomed Imran Khan’s statement of not staging a sit-in in Islamabad and urged the Government to demonstrate flexibility on its part.

Speaking about a revolution call by PAT chief, Shah said that Dr Tahir ul Qadri’s revolution ended after talks with the Governor of Punjab. He added that the revolutionists do not negotiate with the Government.

Commenting on North Waziristan Operation, the Opposition Leader said the United States (US) is now certain about terrorists’ presences there, this is perhaps for which the drone attacks were resumed, but the US should take the Pakistan Army and the Government into confidence on the issue.

Returning to a question, Khursheed Shah said it is incompetence of the Government of Pakistan to handover the federal capital to the military. He slammed that the Government which cannot safeguard a city of mere 15 lac populace, how will it protect the entire country.



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