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Musharraf laments lack of “capable leadership” in Pakistan

He was addressing gathering of All Pakistan Muslim League’s youth wing programme at a local hotel here.

He said no leader could come up in Pakistan to take the country on the path of progress.

What democracy has given to Pakistan, asked the former president. He said industries were being shut in the country for security reasons.

“The time I left, I didnt even imagine that leadership of the country would be so bad that we will continue to plunge into crisis,” regretted Musharraf.

He said people dont care about democracy or dictatorship, they want peace, basic needs and progress of the country.

Musharraf bemoaned that Kargil’s military success was converted into political defeat by the then government in 1999.

“In Kargil, we had grabbed the world by the scruff of the neck.” He said he returned to the country to form APML to resolve issues of the people.

Musharraf laments lack of “capable leadership… by arynews



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