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Musharraf might flee country, federal govt tells court

KARACHI: Federal government, in its reply to the Sindh High Court on Monday, said the former president Pervez Musharraf might flee the country, if his name was struck off the Exit Control List, ARY News reported.

The government reply said the SHC did not have authority to hear the case. It said the Supreme Court had given orders to include Musharraf’s name in the ECL. “The objection can only be raised with the SC, not any other court in Musharraf's ECL case,” said federal government in its reply.

It said Musharraf was facing four serious charges including unlawful imposition of emergency in the country in November 2007.

In view of sentence on aforementioned charges, Musharraf might flee the country, said the federal government.
It requested that the plea to strike off Musharraf’s name from the ECL be disposed of.                                                           



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