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Musharraf must be summoned to parliament to face accountability: PM

In a rare diatribe on former military dictator by naming him, Mr. Sharif said Musharraf must be summoned to parliament and questioned why he “destroyed Pakistan in his tenure.”

He made this statement while addressing his party PML-N’s parliamentary meeting.

“Musharraf and his then cabinet must be told that they are responsible for load-shedding menace in Pakistan.”

He also took exception to his government detractors, saying successes are achieved by pragmatic efforts, not by staging ‘dharnas’ (sit-ins).

PM Sharif said some people have a sole objective to claim power. He underlined that his party was pursuing an agenda of development and not of protests.

He said economic development was linked with peace in the country. He was of the view that national economy was making visible progress.

‘Dharna no solution to problems’

Firing broadsides at PTI without naming it, the prime minister said successes are achieved by practical efforts, not by staging sit-ins.

The premier said that the government was speaking of development in Gwadar, “it’s not a lip-service, we will deliver what we have promised to the masses.”

He recalled that his party’s success in Azad Kashmir elections and local government polls was the outcome of its policies.

Mr. Sharif said federal government was contributing its share for development in other provinces and will continue to do so.

He said Karachi situation was known to everyone. It’s much better than the past now, he claimed.



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