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Musharraf says ‘change’ needed to save Pakistan

If now change is not brought about in Pakistan then the future of country seems very bleak, he said while addressing All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), his own political party, workers through a video-conference in Karachi.

Musharraf said he was foreseeing the formation of technocrats’ government with no immediate elections in the country.

He regretted that he was banned from contesting elections for life time and pushed in a trap of different cases. But, I hope that ban will be overturned later some time, he added.

He stressed that a change was direly needed in the political culture of Pakistan.

“A formation of third force is urgently needed which could bring sustainable democracy in Pakistan”, he maintained.

Musharraf said he formed his political party to effect change in the politics of Pakistan. He said he worked for the country keeping aside his personal interests.

“Deprivation of rights to masses has led to sit-ins and protests across the country.”

The former president said he fought wars for the country and shed his blood, but in return he was labeled traitor and treason charges were filed against him. “I am disappointed, but hope is there that I will survive these concocted cases.”



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