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Music industry is almost non-existent in India: Kailash Kher

It has been almost ten years since Kailash Kher came to the mainstream music scene and has given fans across South Asia many musical hits.In a recent interview, the Indian singer spoke at length about the music industry in India and why band mates often run into trouble.

On being asked about how Kailash’s band has managed to stick together despite almost ten years, he said:-

“This field comes with a lot of insecurities. Though people are creative, you have to deal with egos. We tend to get affected when one person in the team earns more fame than the rest. These are the reasons why bands across the world fall apart,” he said.

Kailash also had some strong words to say when he was asked about the state of music industry in India. “Much of our population is yet to discover music beyond films. And I hold many musicians responsible for this. People who could have made a difference didn’t bother,” he said. “I think there is no music industry as such. In India, there is a film industry, and music is a part of it. We’ve labelled it the music industry just to make some noise,” he added.

Kher also said that Bollywood music took inspiration from folk music. However, despite that, people did not respect folk music enough, he said.
“We have no organised way of preserving our art. So, independent music is almost non-existent in the country,” he said.



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