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Muslim duo tied, beaten, arrested for carrying hide of an ox

The incident occurred in Ramgaon, Bahraich district of UP, as the victims identified as Afsar and Pairu stopped at a bar and the hide fell out which they carried in a gunny sack.

The duo was first questioned and then assaulted by local residents including activists of hard-lined Shiv Sena as they spotted the hide.

Both the men were tied to a tree and beaten up, and later handed over to police. They were booked under the Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act and presented before a local court, which sentenced them to judicial custody.

The duo stated that they acquired the hide for making of dhols – drums. However, they refused to specify the place they had had obtained it from.

A vet later confirmed that the hide belonged to an ox and was recently obtained.

It is mandatory to note here that the Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act prohibits slaughter of cows in the state, yet bullocks and oxen can be slaughtered provided if they have fit-for-slaughter certificate.



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