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Muslim journalist Mehdi Hasan takes apart Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked

Al-Jazeera’s journalist Mehdi Hasan is famous for his frank attitude and straight-forward questions. An expert debater and talk Ayelet Shaked regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. The Israeli Minister could not justify her reasoning at times and fell short of defending claims by her own Prime Minister and President.

Ayelet Shaked is the youngest individual to hold the portfolio of Israel’s Justice Minister. She has been covered in the media extensively for her anti-Palestinian remarks and her opposition to a Palestinian state. Ayelet Shaked has also been quite vocal against her own country’s Supreme Court and also shown disregard for Human Rights publicly.

When Shaked was appointed as the Justice Minister of Israel, this is how an Israeli newspaper lauded the move:-

“Who cares if she’s beautiful, she’s dangerous.”

During the interview, Mehdi Hasan asked Ayelet regarding an article she wrote on her Facebook page in which she referred to Palestinian children as ‘snakes’. She had written the article after Israel’s bombardment of Gaza last year, in which more than 500 children were killed according to the United Nations.



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