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Muslim man stripped, flogged and beaten in India for talking to Hindu girl

A Muslim man, who was a manager of a store in the vicinity of Mangalore, was manhandled by a mob in India and beaten up severely. Tied to a pole, stripped and flogged, the Muslim man suffered humiliation due to the fact that he had spoken to a Hindu girl.

Police arrived on the scene after the degrading visuals of the man being flogged were showcased on several television channels.Fourteen of around thirty Bajrang Dal activists were rounded up by police, for taking turns to flog the Muslim man.


The man worked in the capacity of the manager at an accessories store whilst the Hindu girl was a salesgirl at that store. As per the Muslim man’s complaint to the police, the girl had asked the man for a loan of Rs.2,000 to which he had agreed. They were on their way to the ATM nearby when thirty armed men accosted them. The men had sticks and knives.

The Hindu girl was also slapped a couple of times for coming to the man’s defence. Mangalore has been noted in the media for its violent incidences of religious intolerance. Groups such as Bajrang Dal, Sri Rama Sene, Hindu Jagarana Vedike and the Islamist group, Popular Front of India have been carrying out attacks in Mangalore from time to time.



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