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Muslim photographer abused in US; police say ‘its freedom of speech’

NEW YORK: An Egyptian Muslim photographer was taken aback when after being abused by an American woman, the police not only refused to help him but told him that the American woman was only exercising “freedom of expression”.

Muhammad Elshamy, a photojournalist, wrote the whole incident on his Facebook Wall demanding answers to his many questions after the incident and the police’s behaviour.

“Yesterday sitting with a friend in a Starbucks coffee in midtown, white American woman tells us “Muslims, go back to where you  came from, you’re so ugly” looks at my friend who’s veiled and tells her “ugly whore” I called 911, officer asks me where my location is, woman walks out of Starbucks, I walk out and find a NYPD patrol car, explain to him

“He tells me sorry man, they curse us too, it’s no 1 in American constitution, anyone can say whatever they want, it’s freedom of speech”

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Elshamy maintained that he understood police can only intervene if the woman had attacked him or his partner but questioned if police will only take action when this “hate speech turns to a hate crime?”.

“I would be in my country if your  government didn’t back up and sponsor a bloody military coup in Egypt in 2013,” wrote Elshamy.

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The post from the Muslim photojournalist’s Facebook wall- (profanities omitted)




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