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Muslims raise $48,000 to rebuild burnt black churches

Black churches in the southern cities of America have fallen prey to fire. In some cases, the causes have been arson whereas in other cases, natural causes such as lightening have contributed to these churches burning. A group of Muslims have started a crowdfunding campaign to generate enough funds, in a bid to rebuild the burnt churches.

The campaign was initiated by Faatimah Knight, a 23 year-old studying theology, on LaunchGood. The main aim of the campaign was to generate $50,000 during the Holy month of Ramazan. Muslims fast during the holy month of Ramazan and also undertake charitable ventures, such as giving alms and feeding the needy.

The initial goal of the campaign was to raise an amount of $10,000. Surprisingly, this target was reached within twelve hours after the movement was launched.

BREAKING: Muslims taking the lead on rallying support to rebuild the Black Churches that were burned down in the South…

Posted by LaunchGood on Friday, July 3, 2015

On the campaign’s page, Knight writes, “All houses of worship are sanctuaries… let’s unite to help our sisters and brothers in faith. The response has been overwhelmingly supportive. There have been a few people who were confused about why Muslims would rebuild a church, but for the most part people are totally on board,” she said.

The move will not only be beneficial for black Christians in America, it will also help to revamp the image of Muslims worldwide, which has spiraled downward after the spate of terrorist attacks since 9/11. Through such positive ventures, the Muslim community is ensuring the fact that they co-exist with their neighbouring communities in peace and harmony.



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