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Mustafa Kamal to drop another bombshell today?

In an interview, the disgruntled MQM leader said he considered some senior party leaders including Farooq Sattar as oppressed ones.

Kamal reiterated that MQM chief must speak truth to his party workers and the nation.

“LIVE: Ex-MQM minister Dr Sagheer joins Mustafa Kamal in ‘crusade against MQM”

He was of the view Pakistan progressed towards development during Pervez Musharraf’s tenure. He said the ex-president provided funds for development in the provincial capital of Sindh as well.

The former mayor said he was still firmed over his stance on Rehman Malik and his role in MQM meetings.

Kamal divulged that beleaguered PPP leader Dr. Asim Hussain had very strong connections with some of the MQM leaders.

In his press conference on March 3, Mustafa Kamal rocked the political arena of Pakistan with his outburst against MQM and its head Altaf Hussain.


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