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Mustafa Kamal lashes out at Altaf Hussain, calls him selfish and coward

Speaking to party loyalists and media personnel, Mustafa Kamal lambasted the MQM chief in his press conference by stating that Altaf was responsible for the current predicament his people were in.

“This person has destroyed two generations and is currently sowing the seeds of poison for our third generation,” said Kamal. He also lashed out at the inconsistent statements frequently uttered by the MQM chief time and again.

“At times he talks about dividing Sindh into pieces and dividing brother against brother,” lashed out Kamal. “Sometimes he abuses a leader and sometimes he abuses a general. When his hangover ends, then he apologises,” said Kamal.

He also appealed to the people of Sindh not to take heed of Altaf Hussain and his words.

“I request you not to take this person seriously,” said Mustafa Kamal regarding Altaf Hussain. “Do not attach him more importance than you attach to a maskhara¬†(comedian),” he said.

Regarding last night’s incident when Mustafa Kamal’s supporters were pelted with stones, he saluted his party loyalists and assured them that they had already won.

“I salute the people of Mirpurkhas, you are the bravest. This party was formed on March 23, it is only eight days old. So much enthusiasm and support in just eight days. What more can I ask from God? I swear by your wounds and injuries, you have become successful,” added.

Kamal also cautioned MQM workers and loyalists against following Altaf Hussain.

“He does not care about you. He considers you and me both as mere insects. When you die, it will affect him the least. When he wants to make an issue from your corpses, then he will arrange for your funeral prayers to be carried out at Jinnah Ground,” said Kamal. “We have no conflict with each other, we are brothers. We were once loyal citizens and have now become agents of RAW, he lamented.



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