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Mustafa Kamal leaves for Hyderabad to address party supporters

According to details, Mustafa Kamal spoke to media personnel briefly before he departed for Hyderabad where he is to address party workers and supporters. Kamal will address party workers on the occasion of the opening of his Pak Sarzameen Party’s new office.

“All those who could not meet me here, who were calling me should reach Latifabad,” said Mustafa Kamal. “You know the address, I will be at Latifabad No. 6 area so kindly reach there.”

Mustafa Kamal

Mustafa Kamal also said that during his speech in Hyderabad, he would let his supporters and workers know the next course of action the party would take.

In response to a question, Mustafa Kamal smiled and said:-

“I will not disclose our strategy or objectives in front of the whole media, that would be really naive,” he said.

He also said that he was here to unite people and not cause conflict or discord between them.

“We’re here to unite people and join hearts, not drift them apart,” he said. “We’re not here to steal anyone’s title, land or property,” he finished.



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