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Mustafa Kamal wants “another chance for misguided party workers”

We will also announce date for public gathering to be held in April, he said while addressing a press briefing at his residence in DHA Phase V-III.

We have a party strategy which I won’t disclose, said Kamal, adding “we also came here under a strategy.”

Flanked alongside Anees Qaimkhani, he said people were divided on ethnic and political lines. “But we have asked our supporters to respect your opponents before joining us.”

He claimed that he didn’t aim to spread hatred among the society.

“We have to unite every country men, that’s why we have not formed our party flag as yet.”

To a question, he also subjected MQM to a veiled criticism, saying who made inmates such ruthless terrorists.

He appealed Pakistanis to give “stray” MQM workers a chance to relive life once again. They also include convicted criminals.

He cited that how some Baloch factions were invited into the national mainstream, “therefore other distracted people should also be considered and given another chance.”

He thanked people from all cities and abroad for contacting him and extending their support.

We aim to reach maximum number of people and propagate our message, he added.



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