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Mustafa Kamal names new party ‘Pak Sarzameen Party’

“In this energetic environment and in front of everyone I would like to announce the name of our new party which will be called Pak Sar Zameen Party,” said the ex mayor of Karachi. Kamal hugged every member of his new party on-stage and couldn’t hold back his tears. He said the party would release its manifesto in the coming days.

Taking to the mic earlier, Kamal thanked all supporters and volunteers who had gathered today to listen to his speech.
“Just like our house, even this place is not large enough to host so many people,” he said. Kamal said that it should be clear to all those who had joined his ranks that their purpose was not to seek power or snatch anyone’s lands or titles in Karachi.

“We are the people who surrendered power that was given to us,” he said. “When we saw that our titles, senators and powers were unable to provide relief to people, we left them voluntarily,” he continued. “All of these powers, titles, perks and privileges are trials from God. If you are unable to use them for good, they will be the cause of hell fire for you,” he said.

He said that Karachiites were witnesses of how he had served them during his tenure as the mayor of Karachi.
“Now we have returned once again to serve the people of Pakistan,” he said.

Kamal also lamented as to how the people had been divided into different religious sects as well as political affiliations. He said people came together when they left the country but Pakistanis were still divided and not unified, even while they were living abroad.
“We do not want to cause further division or contradiction within the people of Pakistan,” he said. “We will not divide the people of Pakistan further on the basis of linguistic, religious or political differences.”

He urged the masses and people to put up flags everywhere to show that they were loyal to Pakistan. He said that he had not chosen a flag for his political party since a party flag sowed the seeds of discord.
“Which law forbids us from bearing the flag of Pakistan in rallies? Which law stops us from pinning a badge of our national flag proudly on our chests? We will use the flag of Pakistan in our programs, rallies and offices,” he said.

Kamal also spoke of devolution of powers and said that the government should distribute funds and power at the district level.
“When you disburse funds at the lower level, the common man will act as your NAB,” he said. “We have been giving funds to certain individuals and as a result, mismanagement takes place. Then, we hound them with NAB. This drama has been going on in the country for the last fifty, sixty years or so,” he said.

Mustafa Kamal, Anees Qaimkhani, Waseem Aftab, Raza Haroon and other dissident MQM members had gathered together today to announce the name of their political party in Karachi today. A date will also be announced with regard to the party’s first political gathering in the city.

Before Waseem Aftab had addressed the gathered audience and said that a new chapter in history was about to be written today. Waseem also said that he and his new supporters had started their movement in the hope that all the people of Pakistan would be united under one flag.

“I want to congratulate the youth, who are the future and ray of hope for this country,” he had said.



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