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My daughter wasn't taken to hospital with Hema Malini: Victim's father

Hema Malini’s car crash took the life of a two year-old girl named Sonam. The father of the tender aged girl stated that had his daughter been rushed to the hospital at the same time as the renowned actress, she would have survived.

“My little girl died in the lap of her mother in the car. It is sad that her mother is also struggling for survival. . .and she does not know that Sonam is no more,” Hanuman Khandelwal, the father of Sonam, told reporters as he lay injured at SMS Hospital.

Late on Thursday night, Hema Malini’s Mercedes crashed into a family’s car and the road accident resulted in multiple injuries as well as the death of Sonam. Sonam’s father, mother Shikha, brother Somil and Khandelwal’s sister-in-law Seema were injured in the accident. Pictures of Hema Malini also surfaced, which showed the ‘dream girl’ covered in blood and shocked.

Khandewal, the father of the slain girl, alleged that he and his family lay bleeding for 20-25 minutes on the road as Hema Malini was rushed to Jaipur’s Fortis Hospital. “We all were attended by Dausa Police, and the hospital (was in a) poor condition to tackle our injuries,” he said.

He also revealed that his wife had not been informed about their daughter’s death, though the woman had regained consciousness. “We convinced her that both girls were being treated,” said Khandewal.

Hema Malini had voiced her sadness at the demise of the child, hours after the media accused her of being insensitive of the little girl’s death. “I can realise the hard time the family is facing after her death. I pray to God to give them strength to bear this loss,” she said.

The 66 year-old actress turned politician underwent minor surgery at the hospital and also suffered a fracture in her nose.



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