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My son did not commit suicide, he was burned: medical student’s mother alleges

It had been reported earlier that Abdul Basit, a final year student of Hamdard University’s Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program, committed suicide by setting himself on fire. Abdul Basit had allegedly committed suicide after being denied entry into an examination hall.

However, the mother of the deceased student stated that her son was a literate person and did not commit suicide. She claimed that Abdul Basit was set on fire and placed blame for his death on the university’s administration.

“The university’s principal and other teachers are responsible for my son’s death,” she wailed. “Nadeem Farooq used to pass students for bribe,” she accused.

My son didn’t commit suicide, he was burned… by arynews
Meanwhile, the principal of Hamdard University spoke exclusively to ARY News and revealed that Abdul Basit had been denied entry since he had reached the examination hall half an hour after the exam had concluded.

Abdul Basit came thirty minutes after… by arynews
“We couldn’t allow him to take the exam since it was against the rules,” said the principal. “To allow him to take the exam after half an hour had passed would be in clear violation of our rules,” he stated.



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