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Mystery murder of 5-year-old girl, mother baffles US police

Mystery surrounded the death of a mother and her minor daughter in United States after the investigators remained clueless about the cause and motive of an apparent murder.

According to US media reports, the incident came to the notice of the police after a concerned relative of the victims had called them saying that something bad had happened there.

As soon as the authorities reached at the site of the incident, they found the body of 49-year-old Kimbra Shanafelt in a garage with what they found obvious trauma signs and five-year-old Dahni in an upstairs bedroom.

The relative while narrating the eye-witness account, said they went to the house and went inside with a key to check on Kimbra after she had not answered her phone for a couple of days.

She said that they located Dahni laying halfway under a bed and “it looks like she’s thrown up or something, and she’s cold, and her eyes are halfway up in her head.”

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They called for police help afterwards.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said that Kimbra’s autopsy did not find any evidence of trauma, despite the observations of first responders.

“Right now, we just don’t know what happened,” Wedding reportedly said. “We don’t have strong evidence that somebody from the outside came in and did harm to them, but we haven’t ruled that out.”

There were also no apparent signs of a struggle in the garage or home.



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