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NA 122: ECP says polling staff guilty of professional negligence

ECP officials remarked that absence of signatures and stamps on the counterfoils of the ballot papers is serious case of professioanl negligence.

The officials maintained that if such mismanagement alters the outcome of vote then it falls into the definition of rigging adding that the local commission cannot issue verdict in the case as commission’s job is only to probe the election.

ECP officials claimed that it is the duty of election tribunal to decide whether it was ‘rigging’ or ‘mismanagement’ that altered the result in NA-122 clarifying that there was not vote recount in the constituency.

 The ECP also called on the parliament to legislate for stronger laws.

It must be noted here that NA-122 is one of the four constituencies where Pakistan’s opposition party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had sought a recount and verification of voters’ thumb impressions.

PML-N ‘s Ayaz Sadiq had defeated PTI chief Khan in the 2013 general elections and the PTI challenged the results.



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