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NA-246 battle spreads to Twitter!

By Shahjahan Khurram

With temperatures running high and adrenaline pumping speeches being delivered in the recent past, the by-election for NA-246 has successfully captivated the whole nation. With all eyes set on PTI’s Imran Ismail and JI’s Rashid Naseem in their bid to upset MQM’s Kunwar Naveed Jamil in his own backyard, politicians can hardly keep from tweeting. Trending hashtags on twitter include #BallayPayThappa, #VoteForKite, #VoteDoTarazuKo, #NA246BelongsToMQM, #VoteForBat and #VoteForPatang.

Here’s a list of tweets from Pakistani politicians doing the rounds on Twitter:-

Imran Khan fully backed his candidate and wished him good luck for the tough contest ahead.


Faisal Subzwari complained about the long queue of voters but remained hopeful of his candidate’s success.

Wife of chairman Imran Khan, Reham accused MQM of crying foul play as a result of being scared.

Syed Ali Raza Abidi, MQM’s most socially active member, alleged deliberate delaying of polls so that MQM’s lead could be curtailed.


Wasay Jalil also took to Twitter and questioned the presence of Rangers in female polling stations.


JI also made sure it’s supporters and followers on social media were kept abreast with latest developments as regards to the by-election.


We’ve posted enough examples of prominent politicians. Here are a few trending tweets on Twitter from everyday citizens like the rest of us! An overzealous MQM supporter tweeted this:-  

Another compared MQM’s educated parliamentarians with what he labelled as PTI’s fake degree holders.

Though she gave no indication, seems sufficient she’s trashing MQM in this tweet!

An overseas PTI enthusiast took to Twitter and tweeted a picture whose apt caption portrayed both humor and the sign for change!

JI supporters were also the main reason #VoteDoTarazuKo and #TarazuJeetayGa was trending on Twitter. Here are a couple of tweets from JI supporters as well:-
This particular gentlemen was proud of the JI candidate roaming around fearlessly to monitor the election proceedings.

Another JI supporter highlighted how Rashid Naseem was different from what PTI and MQM had to offer.

Let’s hope the contest ends in good taste and no bad blood remains between supporters as well as contestants from all three parties. For now, that seems less likely as the democratic contest on-ground has also engulfed social media!



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