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NA committee on Interior approves Anti-Terrorism Bill

ISLAMABAD: Standing Committee of the National Assembly (NA) on Interior approved the Anti-Terrorism Bill as the majority of the members voted in favor of it – ARY News reports.

According to details, the meeting of the committee was held on Monday at the Parliament House here, which was presided by the Chairman Shameem Ahmed.

During the session, officials of the Ministry of Interior briefed the standing committee on the bill. The committee after presenting its recommendations, held voting on it and majority of the members voted in support of the bill.

The Standing Committee on Interior recommended that a BPS-18 grade officer should lead the joint investigation team (JIT), while the operations of the police will be reviewed every month and electronic and other evidences will also be examined by the team.

Meanwhile, committee member Nabeel Gabol told that the Interior Ministry had informed about a possible threat to him by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a week ago, despite that the Government of Sindh has withdrawn its security from him.

He added that if something happens to him then the federal and provincial governments will be responsible for it.

At this, the committee Chairman Shameem Ahmed insured Gabol of writing a letter to the Interior Secretary about his security.



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