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Na Maloom Afraad set to take UK by storm on 22nd May

Reportedly, the film is slated for release in the United Kingdom on 22nd May and the crew of Na Maloom Afraad took to Twitter to announce the news:-


Na Maloom Afraad was a comedy film directed by Nabeel Qureshi and starred Fahad Mustafa, Javed Sheikh, Urwa Hocaine and Mohsin Haider Abbas. The movie is about a trio who in quest of becoming rich, plot to rob a bank. For this, they have to stage a strike as distraction.

Na Maloom Afraad Official Trailer Of Pakistani… by MezanTVOfficial
What made Na Maloom Afraad a resounding success with Pakistani films was the fact that the movie was a mix of impressive acting, witty dialogues and an entertaining plot.



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