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NA passes condemnation motion over hostile statements by Indian leadership

India’s continuous speaking of venom against Pakistan and PM Narendra Modi’s admission of conspiring in the Fall of Dhaka has drawn enough anger from within the country.

In reaction to hostility of the arch-rival, Pakistan’s National Assembly condemned the statements by Indian PM and others and passed a motion against it.

PTI leader Shireen Mazari said that the Indian premier issued threats to Pakistan, but our army chief had to respond to that aggression and the government’s attitude was apologetic.

She slammed the government for leaving every such matter onto the COAS, instead of responding itself.

The resolution stated that the terrorism in Pakistan is being fueled from outside, while the open admission of conspiring to divide Pakistan is a clear expression of the hatred towards it.

The NA in its motion demanded the United Nations (UN) to take notice of the hostile statements by Indian leadership.

Moreover, a separate resolution was also decided to be tabled in the assembly against the Indian premier Narendra Modi.



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