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NAB reference filed against Director archeology, Peshawar

PESHAWAR: A reference entailing charges of corrupt practices and theft was moved against the Director of Archeology Peshawar, Dr. Samad by National Accountability Buearu (NAB), ARY News reported.

NAB mentions serious allegations of theft and embezzlement in the reference against the Director, the reference has now been forwarded to NAB chairman, Justice retd. Javed Iqbal.

A copy of the Quran lettered with pure Gold which had gone missing has been blamed on Dr.Samad along with a statute which had been sent to Korea for an exhibition but was changed with a fake one upon return.

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A project by the name of Gor Gathri is being termed controversial due to Dr.Samad himself posing as holding multiple positions in the project and getting paid for all the positions he held.

Kailasha Project another initiative which is being alleged to have been mismanaged by Dr.Samad where he appointed himself as the project’s head researcher and director finance on the project.

The reference further details how an Italian researcher by the name of Morealo Kaku was awarded a research license worth Rs.2.5 million in just Rs.25000 by the director.

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Old guns from the museum in Peshawar have also been reported missing along with holding interviews from 85 eligible candidates for vacant positions in the department and then asking them to bring certificates of ‘joblessness’ from the office.



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