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NAB court extends Dr Asim’s judicial remand till Feb 9

Dr Asim was presented before the NAB court in Karachi for proceedings of the corruption case against him. The court after hearing of the case extended Dr Asim’s judicial remand till February 9 on the request of the NAB prosecutors.

During the hearing, Dr Asim pleaded the court to allow him any member of his family to serve as his attendant but the  judge denied the request.

NAB lawyers submitted a report pertaining to the case against Dr Asim in which it was stated that due to an artificial shortage of gas, fertilizer was imported from abroad which cost the national treasury Rs 450 billion. NAB authorities also revealed how artificial gas shortage affected companies such as K-Electric and other electricity producing companies. These companies resorted to producing electricity with petrol and this additional cost was borne by the consumers.

It was also informed to the court that three co-accused in the corruption case were fugitives.

Dr Asim’s legal counsel informed the court that his client was not being allowed meetings. In response to that, NAB counsels said that as per law, Dr Asim being allowed to meet his lawyers and family members.

The court said unnecessary persons should not be allowed inside Dr Asim’s ward.



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