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NAB report 2015: 156 people arrested during the year for corruption

National Accountability Bureau Lahore camp has issued a performance report pertaining to the year 2015. According to the report, as many as 156 people have been arrested in connection with financial corruption, during the last year.

According to the yearly report obtained by ARY News, during the year 2015 as many as 2,753 complaints were received, out of which investigation was initiated on 206 complaints pertaining to corruption. During the previous year, investigations were completed in as many as 120 inquiries. As many as 156 people were arrested by NAB in relation to corruption, during 2015.

Twenty-eight million and eighty-seven lac rupees were recovered voluntarily. As well as Rs. 71,61,000,00 were recovered through plea bargain. Upon completing of investigations, as many as 95 references were filed last year.



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