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No provision of judicial martial law, elections can be delayed: Naeem Bokhari

ISLAMABAD; Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Naeem Bokhari has said that there is no concept of the imposition of a ‘judicial martial law’ in the constitution, however it is possible the next general elections can be postponed.

“I think there is no provision for a judicial martial law,” the senior legal counsel told ARY News host Maria Memon on Sunday, when asked on the recent statement of the the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The Chief Justice had recently said that the concept of a judicial martial law was absurd and there was no provision in the constitution. He also said that the next general elections will be held as scheduled and there was no provision either to delay them.

However, Bokhari begged to differ on the postponement on the general elections beyond the mandated ninety days time period by the interim government.

Bokhari said this was possible if the caretaker prime minister tells the Supreme Court that the nations face a multitude of problems including default loans, tax collection, impending sanctions, terrorism, and that elections cannot be held on time.

He questioned the reaction of the apex court if the caretaker setup says that it is on the edge and that elections cannot be held on time.

He said that it is inevitable that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif will face the consequences despite the anti-judiciary slanderous speeches, as they have admitted owning the Avenfield properties.

He said that further cases will also be reopened against the Sharif family particularly the Hills Metal case. He said Maryam Nawaz has no defense and had claimed that she owned no properties in Pakistan or abroad which proved otherwise.



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