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Naeem insists govt for ‘direct’ intervention in Yemen

KARACHI: Renowned Pakistani religious figure, Mufti Muhammad Naeem on Monday demanded the government to withdraw its resolution of staying neutral in Yemen conflict, in contrast with Saudi demands, ARY News reported.

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Holding a presser here, Mufti Naeem said that the religious parties in the country reject Parliament’s resolution and warned of a countrywide protest if it was not withdrawn.

The administrator of Jamia Binoria said that the Pakistani government is fooling Saudi Arabia in the name of ‘arbitration’ in Yemen conflict.

He demanded the government to do away with the resolution and send its troops to Saudi Arabia at the earliest.

Naeem said that the ongoing war in Yemen is deliberately portrayed as sectarian fight.

“We are against rebellion and tomorrow if Iran witnesses a revolt, we shall also back the Iranian government,” he concluded.

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Naeem insists govt for ‘direct’ intervention in Yemen

by Kashif Imran