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Najam Sethi challenges Imran to prove '35 punctures' allegations or commit suicide

KARACHI: Former caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab and current Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Najam Sethi has vowed that if the PTI Chief, Imran Khan brings the recording of planting '35 punctures', then he will commit a suicide – ARY News reports.

Najam Sethi said so during his exclusive interview with ARY News, anchored by Waseem Badami.

The former CM Punjab stated that he will commit a suicide right there and then, if Imran Khan produces the recording of '35 punctures' plantation, as the PTI Chief alleged him of saying and correlated it with the his so-called polls rigging in Punjab, during the May 11, general elections last year.

Sethi, yet returned aggressively, demanding the PTI Chairman to commit a suicide if he fails to provide evidence of what he alleged the former caretaker CM Punjab of doing.

"If Imran does not commit a suicide, then he must appologize for trying to frame me" added Najam Sethi.

A few days ago, Imran Khan had claimed that Najam Sethi helped ruling party in rigging the General Elections 2013 from Punjab.

He had stated that the voice clip of Najam Sethi affirming his involvement in rigging was intercepted in which the former CM Punjab speaks in codes ‘35 punctures have been planted’, which will soon be brought before the nation.

Soon after Imran Khan alleging Sethi, these ‘punctures’ have been a talk of political and sports circles as well.

To watch Najam Sethi's exclusive interview click the link given below:




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