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Naltar helicopter crash facts revealed

According to details, the chopper was en route to Naltar from Gilgit that a sudden vibration was observed following which the heli started whirling. The situation prompted pilots to attempt crash landing and the aeronauts tried landing it despite losing control.

The tail rotor of the ill-fated Mi-17 reportedly stopped functioning, which balances the torque of the main rotor.

During the episode, the chopper suddenly lost altitude, then lifted a bit upward while shifting its direction several times, and finally collided with a building.

The fault and the situation arising from it in the chopper terrified the people seated inside.

The South African High Commissioner told that ‘it was a dreadful incident as a fire too broke out in the heli’.

“Everyone was terrified and several were injured including me,” he added.

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Chief, Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman said that the pilots made every effort to save the helicopter.

“Pilots Major Altamash and Major Faisal, and the Chief Engineer preferred others’ lives over their own and embraced martyrdom,” he said.




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