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Nana Patekar talks about fame, Bollywood in latest interview

He is one of the most celebrated actors and acknowledged artists of the Indian film industry. Nana Patekar has numerous National awards and stellar hits to his name, such as Parinda, Aanch and Angaar. However, he has been known to keep a low profile and not make brash statements or be in the news 24/7. Recently, Nana Patekar talked to an Indian daily and shared his thoughts on quite a lot of topics.

Nana Patekar


Answering a question as to why does he stay out of the limelight, Nana Patekar said “That has helped me survive [in the film industry] for 42 long years. If you are seen often, it’s not possible for you to last long. I don’t want to be in the news for no reason.”

Nana Patekar also let it be known that he was not in favour of so many Bollywood remakes these days. When the versatile actor was asked to comment on so many Bollywood remakes these days, this is what he said:-

“We have exhausted all our emotions. We have no power left to create, and are more into making easy money. So, we are into remakes. It’s not that we don’t have stories. We have writers, but we are apprehensive about making films based on their stories because the makers are not sure of the return on investment. And everyone has this fear — be it the producer, the director or the stars.”

Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar also revealed the fact that he was still into the writing process of his directorial titled Unlike Nana.

“I am still writing it. In Bollywood, a love story means that you are hugging and kissing all the time. But I think that when you are truly in love, you don’t need to say or do anything. I don’t believe in the physical [aspect].[My film is] a love story, but it shows my perception of it.”

Nana Patekar

The actor also shed light on how he can do without fame, since there used to be a time when he couldn’t even afford a rickshaw ride.

“When the camera is on, I am an actor; otherwise, I am an ordinary person. Stardom is temporary. Someday, it will fade away, and then it will become difficult to deal with life without it. So, it doesn’t matter to me even if I travel in an auto rickshaw. There was a time when I couldn’t even afford an auto rickshaw ride.”



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