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Narendra Modi is anti-Pakistan, says Musharraf

In an exclusive interview to Indian media, Pervez Musharraf suggested Narendra Modi to change his stance regarding Pakistan.

He said India wanted to destabilize Pakistan internally by fighting a proxy war. The former President claimed that Indian intelligence agency creating troubles in Balochistan, “evidences regarding this are also present”, said Musharraf.

“Our security forces are well aware about the protection of eastern border”, he said.

Referring to Kashmir Issue, he said people of Pakistan are ready to sacrifice everything over the issue.

“It is Pakistan Army that has kept a control on the emotions of Pakistanis”, he added.

Pervez Mushrraf accused India for the recent aggression at Line of Control (LoC). Pakistan is always ready to country any aggression from Indian forces.

Denying Indian allegations on Pakistan for spreading terrorism in India by saying “ India don’t have any proof of Pakistan’s involvement.”



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