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Narendra Modi tops Google list of Indian criminals

Whether it is about the butchering of Muslims of Gujarat, or being at the front in razing the Babri Masjid, Google knows it all.



As you search for top Indian criminals on Google and go to images, the first image shown by the world’s top search engine is of Indian premier Narendra Modi.

A new debate flared up on Twitter and Facebook as the Indians became aware of it.

A man wrote, “Having his name in top ten criminals, Naita Ji might not start considering him one of the world leaders”.

Who is the worst goon of India? Google answered… by arynews
Another tweet had it: “If you have the guts, then try imposing a ban on Google as well. No matter, if we forget Modi’s history, but it is not going to be removed from the internet.”

Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat in 2002 when dozens of Muslims were killed under his patronage and their businesses were looted.

The CM even refused to express regret over the Gujarat massacre, let alone saving innocent lives.

The same Narendra Modi was at the forefront while the Babri Masjid was being razed by extremist Hindus.

He earned the title of ‘Butcher of Gujarat’ due to same deeds.

While, there is also no shortage of Modi-supporters, one of his advocates commented that ‘this is no joke, but a shameful thing and this is why I don’t trust Google’.




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