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Narowal death of two female friends remains a mystery

Deep friendship, high with emotions and then occurs the death of the two girls under mysterious circumstances which has raised several questions.

Tanzila and Saba both were students of MA and shared a strong bond. Last night, Tanzila went to Saba’s home, where both the girls had dinner together and went to sleep in the courtyard.

In the morning, the family was shocked to see the dead bodies of both the girls inside a room, despite that they had slept in the courtyard.

The writing on the arms of Tanzila and Saba asked for burying them in the same graveyard adjacent to Narowal Railway Station.

According to police, the hand writing on the arms of both the deceased girls was same, while the bodies bore no torture marks.

Hand writing on the arm

Apparently, no signs of suicide were found, which has led to several suspicions about the incident.

Officials said the cause of their death and other facts could only be established after the post-mortem report.

Hand writing on the arm
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