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Naseeruddin Shah will visit Lahore for Faiz Ahmed Faiz Festival in November

According to sources, Naseeruddin Shah takes part every year in the Faiz Ahmed Faiz Festival with his team and this year also, he plans to visit Lahore.

According to some details which have been revealed by inside sources, Naseeruddin Shah will take part in four drama shows in Lahore at the Alhamra Art Centre, for the Faiz Ahmed Faiz Festival. The Faiz Ahmed Faiz Festival will be a three-day program to be conducted in November of this year.

Naseeruddin Shah will not only act in drama shows but will also visit different Pakistani universities and colleges to deliver lectures. A representative of the Faiz Foundation Trust stated that a special poetry session will also be held in which poets from Hindustan will also take part.

Naseeruddin Shah has been visiting Pakistan on a regular basis from time to time over the years. The actor also starred in a pivotal role in a Pakistani movie, a couple of years ago.



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