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Nation has decided not to be oppressed any further, says Imran

Addressing the participants of PTI sit-in camp at D-Chowk, Imran Khan said that the nation has decided not to be oppressed by the rulers any further. He said no matter how much support PM Nawaz Sharif succeeds in gathering, but this nation will eventually overthrow him.

He said that PTI’s rally in Lahore was the biggest in the history of Pakistan, adding that not a single penny was spent on transportation for the rally, rather the people participated on their own.

Khan said that nearly 7-11 lac masses participated in Lahore rally, which shows that the people have stood up in support of our stance.

He once again elaborated how the elections in different constituencies were rigged in 2013 and criticized the Speaker National Assembly, Ayaz Sadiq for availing a stay by the court, against the investigation of irregularities in his constituency.

The PTI chief said that a massive public rally will be held in Mianwali on Thursday and invited the people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to attend it. “I waited for 16 months to get only four constituencies opened for vote verification, but the Nawaz-government paid no attention”, he added.

Imran Khan also said that a society with injustice cannot advance; elaborating that target-killing in Karachi could not be contained for the killers were never punished and they knew that they will be acquitted.

Addressing the participants, Imran Khan said, “I assure you no one can subdue a nation, which has already awakened”.

He said that a nation cannot be reformed by acquiring more and more loans, adding that if this would be the case then Pakistanis would have been progressed people today.

The skipper said the countries which provide loans to poor states, know that these states will not be able to pay back, but the powerful states still sanction the loans in order to enslave smaller countries.

Imran Khan said today the drone strikes have resumed once again, for the US gives us money.

He quoted Rahul Gandhi as saying, “We cannot even imagine drone attacks in India like the way these strikes taking place in Pakistan. Our human rights organizations are strong enough to protest against such violations of international law and basic human rights, while there are numerous insurgencies in India as well but our forces can never think of bombing their own people.”



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