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Nation wants you to answer it on Panama leaks, Imran asks Nawaz

In his address with a rally in Faisalabad, Imran Khan questioned how can corruption be ended, when the prime minister and his associates themselves are involved in it. “A corrupt person can never hold accountability of another fraudster,” he argued.

He said the entire nation seeks answer to their queries from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over Panama Papers leaks that revealed huge offshore wealth of his family.

“When asked four simple questions about his family’s assets abroad, the prime minister started telling stories of his family’s misery,” he slammed. “The prime minister has not yet responded in past one-and-a-half month, despite, the queries were not that difficult to answer.”


‘Nawaz has no moral authority to stay as PM’

The PTI chairman said the premier lied before the Parliament about his London flats and claimed to have documents that show that these apartments were purchased 10 years ago.

“The man who can speak lie before the Parliament, what moral authority he has to hold the office of the prime minister,” he questioned.

“The statements by the members of the Sharif family on Panama Papers disclosures too differ from each other,” he said, after a video showing clippings of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s children was played at the rally.

He said that the practice of leveling allegations on each other will not work anymore, adding, “Panama Papers named you (Nawaz) and we want you to clear your position”.

“Mian sahib, first you answer and then everyone will respond to allegations against him,” he said.


Personal attacks

Khan, during his speech, also lashed out at his opponents for stooping down to personal attacks only to silence him saying, “They leveled baseless allegations against my wife (Jemima) and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital (SKMH) that was set up for treating the poor”.

Speaking with regard to joint opposition, he said: “We want to take everyone along and form an alliance against corruption, but even if some parties back out, we will continue to struggle”.

Collapse of industry

Regretting closure of industries in Faisalabad, Khan said the city was once known as Manchester of Pakistan, which brought millions of dollars in foreign exchange due to enormous exports, but this industry here was ruined due to hike in power tariff.

Heavy taxes

“The government has imposed heavy taxes on every single commodity, while the people are forced to pay 98 and 50 percent tax on diesel and petrol respectively.”

“The rulers don’t pay taxes, plunder public wealth and set offshore firms,” said the skipper. “Pakistanis! they are not robbing government wealth, it is in fact your money.”

Misery of farmers

Not just this, the farmers are suffering and our youth is unemployed, which has led to a increase in crime rate, he added, while promising to participate in a protest sit-in by farmers in Lahore on May 23.



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