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National Labour Conference organized by HRCP in Karachi

According to the press release by HRCP, the participants of the conference demanded the labour fratenity to form an industrial union in the textile sector and minimum of one million workers should be mobilized to become member of the textile union all over the country.

The release stated that the participants demanded the people to rediscover their responsibility to support the vulnerable sections’ and groups’ struggle for their rights. They also called upon the people of Pakistan to support movements for ridding the society of the curse of feudalism, casteism, religious obscurantism as without this Pakistan will never be able to release its democratic and egalitarian ideals.

The members present in the conference demanded the stage to regularly hold the Tripartite Labour Conferences and resume formulating the Labour policy and the provinces should implement uniform laws and policies. They also stated that the land reforms should be carried out as a priority step to promote equality of citizens and social justice.

They also demanded that minimum wage enforcement mechanism should be evolved and non-payment of minimum wages should be declared a criminal offence as minimum wages for unskilled workers are inadequate to guarantee a decent living for an average family

They also said that the state must take the appropriate steps to eradicate child labour from all sectors.

The press release stated that the conference rejected the policy for privatization as none of the benefits that were mentioned to justify it has been achieved. Instead, it has increased unemployment, adversely affected the tax collection and contributes to below-par performance.

The conference demanded the government to ensure safety and security of lives of workers especially at hazardous workplaces and adequate compensation should be provided to victim workers whereas security of tenure should be ensured and all the employees be provided appointment letters.

The participants of the labour conference also stated that effective measures should be taken for provision of equal wages for both male and female workers and women should be rewarded adequately for their labour.

“Women should be given their share in the family inheritance and their right to land ownership and to use reward of their labour must be duly protected”, the release read.



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