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NATO supports Pakistan's stance of negotiations with Taliban, says official

ISLAMABAD: NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) officials said on Wednesday that they support Pakistan in peace talks with Taliban to despite not being involved in the process and appreciated Pakistan’s effort for the establishment of peace in Afghanistan, ARY News reported.

In a media briefing at NATO headquarter, Islamabad on Wednesday, head of NATO's Afghanistan Team Nicholas Williams said that despite of ten years struggle Afghanistan is still no able to fulfill their needs without international aid, however it is not correct that NATO haven’t achieved any success in Afghanistan.                                        

He said NATO is a security organization and working on development projects is not its domain.                                 

Nicholas Williams informed that NATO started working in Afghanistan with US on Security Council’s resolution.

Replying to a question, he said that NATO will discourage Pak-Indo war in Afghanistan.                                

Nicholas Williams suggested Pakistan to hold talks with US to increase trust among each other.                         




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