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Naval Chief warns any act of aggression will not be unpenalised

ABBOTTABAD: Chief of Naval staff, Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah has said Pakistan is being continuously subjected to a volley of false accusations while Indian-Occupied Jammu and Kashmir continue to bleed.

Admiral Zakaullah, while addressing the graduates of the Pakistan Military Academy, stated that the world cannot be misguided by the litany of falsehoods to divert global attention from the atrocities in Indian-Occupied Kashmir or attempts to seek refuge through concocted stories.

He warned that any unintended outcome or act of aggression borne out of such adversarial design, whether by intent or even a strategic miscalculation will not go unpenalised.


The Navy Chief reaffirmed that Pakistan is a peace loving country and seeks harmonious and peaceful co-existence with all its neighbours.

He said that the challenges of the past few decades has made the nation more resilient and stronger, but warned that unresolved disputes continue to smolder and daunting challenges still lay ahead of them.

“The defence and security preparedness of any nation is in direct response to its security dictates” he said and that Pakistan has a history of facing perils and successfully surmounting them.

He reiterated the unwavering  commitment to eradicate the menace of terrorism and extremism from Pakistan, which is exemplified  with the nearing conclusion of the Operation Zarb-e-Azb and pursuance of the National Action Plan.

He said that Pakistan Army is one of the most battle-hardened and professional armies in the world which has rendered enormous sacrifices and that they have secured the nation against forces to progress and prosperity.

“The numerous chapters of success have indeed been inscribed with the blood of our valiant soldiers, sailors and airmen,” the Admiral vowed that they will defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity  of the nation at all costs.



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