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Nawabshah: Breach in Malwah branch drowns five villages

NAWABSHAH: A 50-feet wide breach developed near Daulatpur in district Nawabshah submerging hundreds of acres of crops, ARY News reported on Monday.

The water gushing from the breach at RD-19 of Malwah branch near Daulatpur entered in five villages including Umar Rahu and Bachoo Rahu. The water drowned several mud huts in affected villages.

Standing crops of sugarcane, onion, wheat and banana on hundreds of acres came under the water, villagers said.

The staff of the irrigation department yet to reach to the spot to plug the breach despite timely information to them about the breach, farmers complained.

They have called on the authorities concerned to ensure early repair to the breach as the water is threatening their livelihood.

Canal breaches have been common in Sindh as the irrigation department usually fails to properly repair and maintain the canals and branches due to bureaucratic hassle, corruption or simply inattention of the officials towards their responsibilities. The inability of the irrigation officials to tackle a vast network of the water canals in agro-based interior of Sindh results in breaches which damage crops and properties in the adjacent area.



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