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Nawaz-govt still better than those known for 'Mere Aziz Hamwatano': Zardari

Addressing the workers convention Pakistan Peoples Party at Bilawal House Lahore, Asif Ali Zardari said, “Some wolves have entered into politics, but I am standing guard over this flock”. He said that a TV drama is being continued in the country for past four months, but his party will not become a part of it.

The PPP co-chairman said that Go Nawaz Go slogans will not be voiced for derailing democracy in the state.

“A new wolf is eyeing only tomorrow, but we are to answer Garhi Khuda Baksh” he said. “The one whose politics revolves around the umpire’s finger, we have suspicions about his cricket too”.

Zardari said we are not in hurry and suggested his workers to let the skipper bowl.

Moreover, he said if we intended to oust anyone, we will do it on our own, but would not play on anyone’s pitch.



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