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Nawaz has lost moral justification to rule: Imran Khan  

Imran Khan, in an interview to an Indian channel, said that Nawaz Sharif should hand over the rule to any other member of Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N). He added that an independent investigation of the alleged rigging in elections can never take place till Sharif is premier.

“Supreme Court should issue orders for the formation of a new election commission by taking suo-moto notice”, Imran said.

PTI Chairman also said that his struggle against the alleged rigging in 2013 elections is going on since the past 14 months. He added that everyone should raise their voice for the survival of democracy.

“Democracy is not just holding elections. It is about holding free and fair elections”, he said.

He added that the apex court has issued orders for vacating the Constitution Avenue but the orders cannot be implemented on the party as they are not staging protests there.



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