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Nawaz addresses supporters in Jhelum, says no court tries dictators who violate constitution

JEHLUM: Addressing a crowd in Jhelum, former PM Nawaz Sharif on Thursday asked if there was any court that could punish dictators who violated the constitution to overthrow past governments, ARY News reported.

“You make leader through your votes and a judge or dictator tears your voting papers to overthrow the government. Through this rally I don’t want myself to get rehabilitated I only want your votes to be respected. It is a discredit to votes of 200 million people to subvert the governments like this,” he said at his stopover during GT Road Rally .

He once again wondered that what made judges disqualify him when he was not involved in money embezzlement.

“I would like to disclose that I am made powerless by a decision made by five respected judges. I wonder that the five respected judges disqualified me within a blink of an eye against millions of peoples’ votes. Did I do corruption or they only objected on not drawing salary from my son’s company,” he questioned.

“I am disqualified over not getting salary from my son. Does somebody draw salary from a son? What if I don’t want to draw salary, why would you worry?” he asked.

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They (the judges) also admitted that I was not involved in any corruption. Then, you (nation) should ask why had I been deseated when I was not involved in any graft, he said.

“By God’s grace I am free of any corruption charge. My heart is pure in love for Pakistan. What I only worry is about the future of our youth. I do not give a dime that I have been de-seated,” he said.

Nawaz queried from the crowd if they would tolerate the manner in which he was overthrown by mere a court verdict. “We should change overthrowing of the governments by judges and military dictators. The voters who elect their leaders should have the power to deseat them as well,” he added.

Former PM Nawaz Sharif said somebody should make him understand that he was bringing development to the country, the project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor was being implemented, the poor were getting jobs, employment was rising then why this all happened to him.

“I can say with firm belief that had the journey of development been continued every single citizen would have been employed. I feel worry for the young guys. Their future was going to be bright, but you should not be despaired. God is with you. Nation is with you. Nawaz Sharif prayers are with you.,” he said.

Nawaz also lashed out at Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Tahir-ul-Qadri (TuQ) for serving the foreign country and after irregular intervals coming back to Pakistan only to create anarchy.

Tomorrow morning at 10:00 am the rally will proceed from Jehlum bridge to Lahore, this announcement was made after he culminated his speech.




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