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Nawaz Sharif to address public rally in Peshawar today

PESHAWAR: After concluding his recent visit of Karachi, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif is to address a public meeting today (Sunday) in Peshawar, the PTI’s home turf.

All arrangements have been finalized and the venue has been decorated with party flags and posters. Ousted PM Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz is also expected to deliver a public speech in the meeting.

The city administration has inspected all security arrangements for the event by late night, besides deploying police personnel at and around the venue.

The activists of the PML-N kept on rallying across the city on Saturday night in an attempt to mobilize masses to attend today’s show of strength by the ruling party.

The political parties have accelerated their activities across the country in an apparent move to garner support for the upcoming general elections likely to be held in July 2018.

On January 20, the former premier lambasted the opponents and said the masses have rejected the politics of agitation and division as his opponents have recently been failed to gather a crowd in a grand protest.

Addressing a public rally in Haripur, Sharif said the opponents have been indulged in politics of allegations.

“People have rejected the politics of agitation,” he then thundered while referring to Lahore protest by the opposition parties. He said the opposition parties were completely failed in their recent show.

Alluding to PTI chairman Imran Khan, Sharif said that the people who are cursing parliament are one having a desire to win a majority in the assembly to come into power.

“I salute to those judges who declared this man [Imran Khan] Sadiq and Ameen [honest and truthful] despite he admitted to own an offshore company,” Sharif then said.



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